Sunday, 30 August 2015

Very Late Post

I've had a very busy month, I had mock exams and I've been studying a lot for it.

I have managed to do a little bit of stitching, not much, but some.

1, This is a new start. I haven't done very many stitches on it though. I plan to make this for my Nana who has always wanted to be a ballerina but never got to be one.

2. This is one of my Turtle Trot pieces "Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are"

3. This is another one of my Turtle Trot pieces "Garden Shed" (I thought it was called Flower Stall but it isn't) I have had to stop because I lost my beading needle again :(

4. This one is upside down for some reason, but this is my progress on Shell Duo

Thanks for reading, I am going to do more stitching and will try to update again ^_^