Saturday, 10 October 2015

October Turtle Trot

Not very much progress this month, I have stitched on 5 of the 10, one of those 5 is a replacement for the clown thing.

So progress photos

1. Shells Duo- only filled in a few gaps here and there.

2. Flower Fan- No progress

3. The Ballet (replacement for clown thing)- A few stitches added. 

4. Cat Series/Cat with Fish Bowl- No progress

5. Pokemon- No progress

6. Indian Dresses- No progress

7. Try to the be the person your dog thinks you are- Completed the "dog thinks you are" part. 

8. Card set + Flower fairy- I have now finished 3 out of 10 of the cards and almost finished the 4th, also made progress on the flower fairy but didn't get a picture of that.

Before (Finished number one)

Before (Started number two)
After (Finished number two and got photobombed)

After (Started and finished number 3)

After (Started number 4, somehow it's sideways sorry)
9. Mill Hill Garden Shed- Some progress, I lost motivation on this because I ran out of grey floss.


10. Giant Landscape- No progress, I'm going to replace with something else, probably something from my first TT list XD 

Thanks for reading ;)

Friday, 2 October 2015

A few finished

Hey :)
I finished a few small things since my last update and decided to make a post :)


This cat is from a kit that some nice ladies in the NZ Cross Stitcher group sent me. The pattern was difficult to follow, it was a hand drawn one and the person who made it must of been bored of drawing out the symbol for the black and I had to fill it in according to the picture. Then there were random symbols that weren't in the key. I think I did okay fixing it though. 


This is for my nana for Christmas, it came with a little porcelain box and I just have to finish finish it now ^_^


I'm not actually sure if I have shown you this before. I finished it before the last update, I think, and I thought I updated but I checked the last couple of posts and it wasn't there, so here. The thing around it came with it, it is a free kit from The World of Cross Stitching. I'm not sure whether I want to keep the cardboard thing or not (It isn't attached) 

This is also a free kit from a The World of Cross Stitching magazine, it is also not attached. I am definitely going to keep the card that came with it because it's so cute XD

My Mum bought this from a local store. It is one of the few New Zealand cross stitch kits that I know of. I like this book mark a lot though because it's from New Zealand. 

Anyway, I'm going to try to post Turtle Trot on time this month ^_^