Monday, 7 November 2016

Update 8/11/16

Hey guys, I keep forgetting to post, sorry about that. I won't be surprised if I don't post again for the rest of the year. Life has been so hectic this year and I don't really get much time for myself anymore, I'm just dragging myself through the remainder of the year.

I have my first exam of this year on the 17th and my last exam of the year on the 2nd of December. I've been studying like mad, I calculated how many pages I'd have to do a day to get full use out of my revision books and it's 18 pages a day. Only for Biology.

I have been reading to reduce my stress levels, I've been aiming for 100 pages a day. I am 500 pages behind that goal however so I don't know if I'll catch up in time to be able to complete my 50 Book Challenge. That's rather unfortunate, I'm still gonna try though.

I do have a cross stitch project that is yet to be started, I need to start it but I can't yet because when I'm stressed or pressured my stitches look terrible and I make more mistakes and I want it to be perfect. I am making a birth sampler for my brother and sister-in-law for their baby which is due in May next year :D I'm gonna be an auntie!!!!! I am excited, this is the first project I'm gonna do that isn't a small and has an actual purpose!!!

Have a great remainder of the year and I'll try to post again if things get better ^_^

Monday, 19 September 2016

Return! And also some new old stash...

If that makes any sense at all...Any way, it'll make sense soon :D

I am back! I am okayish! I am still really stressed out because of my parents, they are both still really sick and I've been helping as much as I can. Also school is really bad at the moment, for the sake of my mental health I was pulled out of most of my assessments and all of my exams. I didn't know this and only just got back into them, except for math. I decided there was no way I'd ever be able to catch up on 2 full books (Algebra and Calculus) before my exams so I stayed out of them. My English teacher is a bit frustrating too, the acting principal spoke to her about how she's not allowed to put any pressure on me at all but she hasn't stopped loading on the pressure. Ugh.

I haven't been doing very much at all, I lack the motivation to do anything, I just have lost interest in everything. However my mum let me look through her stash because she can't stitch anymore to help me get back my stitching bug :D

Here are the new additions to my collection (some of them are probably started, and they're really old hence: new old stash :P )

1. This bracelet needlepoint.
I am really bad at anything other than cross stitch but hey, I need another hobby XD This was actually originally mine, my parents gave it to me for a Christmas present a while back but as I said, I am really bad at anything other than cross stitch XD

2. Life's a Beach..
This was also originally mine but I didn't know how to do fractional stitches so I traded it for something a while back. But it is now back in my stash and I'm looking forward to its cuteness :P

3. Beauty and the Beast ornaments
The original plan for this one was that my mum and I were going to stitch two each and we were going to work on them together but mum told me I can do them all because she'll never get them done. When these are done they are all going to my mum ^_^

4. Polar Animals First name Canvas
This is for my future niece/nephew who hasn't even been conceived. I am such a slow stitcher though that it'd probably be good to start it asap as they are planning on having a kid. My mum asked me to stitch it for them.

5. Just being bouncy
This was also seemingly originally mine but I don't actually remember it. It looks like it'll be fairly easy because of the small amount of colours.

6. ???
Whatever these are? I don't even know what I'd do with them, but they are something pretty to stitch XD

7. Kauri and Kiwi
This is a bookmark and one of the few kits you can actually buy from the local craft store. It was rather expensive when we got it. I know for a fact it is started because, yet again, it was once mine. My mum had started it and then given up on it so I took it up only to find somewhere there was a mistake and I hated dealing with anything when I was 10 so I gave it back. Knowing my usual "unfixable" mistakes, it'll probably only be 5 stitches that need to be unpicked.

8. Love Everlasting
I don't know anyone getting married but you can never be too prepared :P

9. SPCA Adopt-a-Pet
This was also originally mine but yet again, I had a fear of fractionals. It's cute though.

10. Uhh... This Egyptian?
Yeah, I don't know what it is called. My mum hates linen so she said I could have it. Woo! Stuff! I like it, once I stitch it I'll give the finished product back to her.

 11,12,13. These free magazine kits.
That's all that really can be said about them, ones a flower, ones a boat, and ones a mouse. Yeah. Maybe some quick finishes will help bring back the bug :P

Anyway, thank you for reading this and thank you for still following me even after my 2 month disappearance XD

Have a great day :)

Thursday, 28 July 2016


I actually did some cross stitch. But then my dog knocked my coffee all over it while I was doing homework with my friends.

I have had no time to cross stitch, check emails, read blogs, actually do homework in the last two weeks. My Dad had a heartattack while I was having a coffee/homework party and ever since then I've been looking after him and my Mum while still trying to balance school as well.

When things settle down again I'll probably be able to start cross stitching. To top it off, my laptop broke down today and I'm having to write this on my Mums computer. I'm probably not going to go back to reading blogs daily but if I have to open 100+ tabs a month to catch up, I'll do so.

Hope everyone else has had a better time then I have.

Monday, 20 June 2016

I lost my motivation again

Or sort of.
Yes I am still alive XD

I have not stitched since my last post. Not one stitch. At all.

School has gotten really busy. I have assessments for pretty much all of my classes that I've been working hard out on. I have two weeks until the holidays (and my birthday) and it is a mad rush to complete everything.

I have also been spending a lot of time with my friends. We had a pancake party yesterday which failed because the guy that hosted it remembered that he didn't know how to make pancakes. I tried helping but he wouldn't listen to me when I said it was a bad idea to put hot melted butter in with the eggs. In the end we all just ate the icecream.

I have a pizza party on Saturday followed by one of my friends birthday partys, then the next day my sister is coming over to stay until July 4th, then the 30th June I have a compulsory drama trip, then the next day is my birthday party, then the week after that is my actual birthday and the end of school.
I am not including my assessment due dates in the list of stuff because then I have to acknowledge how behind I am :/

I have been reading everyones blogs, I still don't comment because I am unsure what to say apart from "Great Progress". I also read everyones comments when notified and I am extremely grateful, I also don't know what to say, so thank you :)

Have a great day/week/month and I'll try to post again when I have time to stitch :D

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Yet again, Missed the Saturday

I should give up trying to post on Saturdays. I never post on time. Maybe I should just go with once a week XD

This week was eh. I only worked on those cards in the set I have, I just really feel the motivation to work on them XD

I finished one:

And then I started the next one but can't be bothered getting a picture. 

This week has been busy, I've been learning my lines for Macbeth still. Having so much trouble because the people I'm in a group with are useless. One keeps happily telling me that my family has just been killed, and the other keeps setting me up. 
The one that doesn't like me got me in trouble with the teacher, she cancelled rehearsal because she had stuff to do, I told the teacher that we couldn't rehearse because she had stuff to do and I thought that was is. Until the teacher got upset that I didn't turn up for rehearsal because seemingly we had all agreed to rehearse again, the only one that knew this was this other girl.
Bad luck for her because I'm currently sick and won't be at school until probably the day of the performance. Fortunately I know my lines, my use of space, and I'm not bad at paperwork like her ^_^ Karmas a b**** isn't it? 

Anyway, enough of that. 
It's my sisters birthday today and I can't see her until tomorrow and I spent literally all day making her card:

The drawing is pretty useless because I was so done after the stitching. I can't remember where I got the design from, it's just one of those patterns that's been in my files on my computer for a while. I sort of like how the stitching came out, I had to go with the few colours in my stash (I only have around 20) so the only correct threads are the black and the white. 

I don't know when I will get to stitch again (busy week ahead with assessments and stuff) 

Have a good stitching week :)

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Another week without stitching

I have been so busy with homework and school that I haven't had time to stitch T_T Why must school do this to me?

I have still been reading blog posts though ^_^

Yesterday I got to meet one of my relatives for the first time, she's my Great Uncles Grand-Daughter. She's part of the Irish side of my family.

I want to try to stitch once I get through all of my homework XD

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Only a day late

I was going to post this yesterday but I forgot. At least it is only a day late this time!

Last week I worked on two things. I worked on Shell Duo for a bit, the majority of the time spent on it was highlighting the chart because I hadn't highlighted any of it and I started to get confused XD

Then I couldn't find the Rabbit Letter Holder so I went straight to the 10 card set. I'm on to the 7th one but I don't think I got pictures of some before they were given away.

Any way, the photos:

Shell Duo Before

Shell Duo After

I only did a bit at the top, not very much progress and I'm a bit disappointed but I'll get over it.

Next is the card I'm working on at the moment

It's going to say Welcome to Baby, I don't know anyone who is going to have a baby yet but it is good back up. 

And here are the photos of the cards I have done in that set (Sorry for the pictures turning sideways)
Always Friends, first completed, still not gifted

Thinking of you, Still not gifted

Christmas Wishes, I think this is the one that went to my sister last year

Don't have a finished picture, this is Happy Birthday, it was just flowers and went to one of my old neighbours for her 18th birthday last year

Thank you, Still hasn't been gifted

And the other card not here is another Christmas one and it is a tree and I used it as a card for my Nana last year.

I think I'll continue with the cards for now

Until next time :) 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Update for last week

I swear I was going to post last Saturday, I put it of for a few days and it turned into a week.
Straight to pictures as tomorrow I'll post this weeks.

I stitched on Castle:



As you can see, I did out a little bit of work in, Noticeable progress, but I didn't stick to it that long because I felt like mindless stitching.

Next was Cottage:



Still some noticeable progress but yet again I didn't want to stitch on it that much as I wanted some mindless stitching and there are too many colour changes. 

Lastly I stitched on Silhouette:



I didn't stitch on it as much as I'd have liked but I did do a bit. 

I'll check in tomorrow with this weeks progress! 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Ballet and a new rotation

Yes I know, I have had so many rotations this year but I'm not changing it much. I'm just going to change the time frame. This time I can stitch how ever long I want on something and the rotation doesn't move until I've stitched on it. This way I can still stitch on something even if I don't have time to one week.

On to stitchy photos

This is The Ballet before:

And now:

I added a lot of pink.

I'll update the rotation thing on the side soon. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Finally! Some stitchy photos!

Yes you read right. Don't get too excited because it still isn't very much XD

First is the set of 10 cards:
I have no idea why the picture is sideways :/
I don't know how many of the ten I have done but I'm sure I'm over half way. I started the next card but have some frogging to do.

The next is the new start!

This is a kit my Mum was sent randomly by some people she used to buy kits off. As my Mum no longer is able to stitch, she let me have it ^_^ I love this so far. I stitched for 1 and a half hours on it last night. 

Quick Update

I am still here, I know, I've fallen behind again. My phone just died as I decided I better make an update XD

I will update with a photo tomorrow once my phone has charged.

I didn't stitch anything for this week, I still have a few hours though XD

So much happened again! I had to resit that math test, this time because the teacher found out people were cheating and she also screwed up the rules of the test. I also had an English assessment (I got my results back and I passed), I have been studying for another Chemistry assessment, I have been reading like crazy because I have two book reports due by the 15th, I have been learning my lines for a scene in Macbeth for drama (I'm playing Macduff). It's been so busy though.

It's nearly the holidays though so I will get a little break from the 16th to the 30th.

Until tomorrow :)

Saturday, 5 March 2016

*Insert Wookie noises*

I got NO stitching done last week. And only a tiny amount the week before.

So much happened last week!

I had a math assessment (that I have to resit as my math teacher believes I need to do better than an 'Achieved')

I broke my first phone screen which made me cry because I only had that phone for a month.

I had a panic attack during Drama because I wasn't told we were performing in front of the class.

My brother and sister-in-law visited. They live in Australia but came back to NZ for a wedding.

I found out that my form teacher (who is also my Chemistry teacher) is LEAVING T_T

I plan to do some stitching today, to make up for the lack of photos.

I hope everyone had a better week!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Another late update

I didn't stitch even a tiny bit last week. School has been so hectic and I just haven't had time. Also when I had finally settled down with a Christmas ornament I started last year I have discovered a large discoloured area that smells like urine and I think a mouse has been in my stash T_T I even had it in a packet but it was an open packet and I'm really sad now.

I did find the Anime Girl cross stitch so I can post an update on her :)



I feel so cheated out of time last week though so I am going to split this week with my last week rotation. I still have hopes of finishing one of the Christmas ornaments this month meaning I need to start one, maybe I should just dedicate this week to Christmas ornaments instead because I still don't have a big enough frame for my original plans :P 

(I'm going to fix it on the side)

Monday, 15 February 2016

Late Post

I can't find where I stuck my cross stitch. I strongly dislike visitors. My cross stitch area is one of the couches in the living room and because no one sits in the seat next to me, that acts like my table and I am forced to move everything whenever there are more than 2 people over.

I'll post a picture as soon as I find it :)

Have a great stitchy week :)

Friday, 5 February 2016

Update and New Rotation

I only managed to stitch once this week, I worked on Anime Girl.



I didn't get very much stitching done at all because I started back at school this week. School has taken a lot of time, I have already been set 10 pages of homework in one subject and more homework in all of the others. 

I always knew I'd set up a new rotation once I start back at school and I've decided to keep to the same rotation but make it weekly not daily. I'll update the rotation to the side with the dates (this is so I remember it haha) 

Have a great week :)

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Last Update of January

I know I'm a day late, I had family over yesterday.

I only worked on one project this week, and that was The Ballet on Sunday and Wednesday.

Here is the before and after:

I'm quite happy with my progress because it's visible XD

Have a great stitchy week :)

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Quick Update

I didn't do any stitching this week. I did hardly anything at all.
I have one week left of school holidays so I've been getting things ready.
Hopefully I'll be able to stitch next week but it's unlikely because I have to find my math homework T_T

Have a great week :)

Friday, 15 January 2016

2 Finishes and Some Decent Progress

I finished another book (Yay) and started the next in the series (as you can see on the side). I'm a little disappointed with my lack of reading but I'm still 2 books ahead of schedule so that's good I suppose XD

This weeks stitching:

Sunday: I made a new start! Castle Ridge by Teresa Wentzler. I didn't make much progress because I had to frog some of it due to colour mix-up. Sorry for the useless photo, I had to use my useless phone camera instead of my Mums slightly better phone camera XD

Monday: I stitched on both Try to be the person your dog thinks you are and Anime Girl.
Try to be the person... 

After, it's FINISHED :D

Anime Girl

After (Officially past halfway)

Tuesday: I stitched on the sewing box again, another thing finished as well :D Sorry for the many pictures, it is difficult to take pictures of a 3D object. Sorry for my thumb photobombing all of them too XD
Last of the squares stitched 
Sides 1 and 2

Sides 3 and 4

Lid of box

Wednesday: I stitched on The Ballet, I wanted to stitch on Indian Dresses but I lost my bigger frame and couldn't hold it comfortably.


I got no stitching on Thursday

Friday: I got some stitching done on the Orchid

I haven't done any stitching today either, I was going to but then I made dinner instead and I was so sore afterwards that I couldn't be bothered hunting something down to stitch on.

Have a good stitching week :)