Monday, 22 February 2016

Another late update

I didn't stitch even a tiny bit last week. School has been so hectic and I just haven't had time. Also when I had finally settled down with a Christmas ornament I started last year I have discovered a large discoloured area that smells like urine and I think a mouse has been in my stash T_T I even had it in a packet but it was an open packet and I'm really sad now.

I did find the Anime Girl cross stitch so I can post an update on her :)



I feel so cheated out of time last week though so I am going to split this week with my last week rotation. I still have hopes of finishing one of the Christmas ornaments this month meaning I need to start one, maybe I should just dedicate this week to Christmas ornaments instead because I still don't have a big enough frame for my original plans :P 

(I'm going to fix it on the side)


  1. I'm so sorry about your ornament. Maybe there's a way of airing it out or washing it? Nice progress on Anime Girl.

  2. Sometimes even the best plans don't work. Sorry to hear about your ornament. I hope you find the reason why it smells. :)