Monday, 19 September 2016

Return! And also some new old stash...

If that makes any sense at all...Any way, it'll make sense soon :D

I am back! I am okayish! I am still really stressed out because of my parents, they are both still really sick and I've been helping as much as I can. Also school is really bad at the moment, for the sake of my mental health I was pulled out of most of my assessments and all of my exams. I didn't know this and only just got back into them, except for math. I decided there was no way I'd ever be able to catch up on 2 full books (Algebra and Calculus) before my exams so I stayed out of them. My English teacher is a bit frustrating too, the acting principal spoke to her about how she's not allowed to put any pressure on me at all but she hasn't stopped loading on the pressure. Ugh.

I haven't been doing very much at all, I lack the motivation to do anything, I just have lost interest in everything. However my mum let me look through her stash because she can't stitch anymore to help me get back my stitching bug :D

Here are the new additions to my collection (some of them are probably started, and they're really old hence: new old stash :P )

1. This bracelet needlepoint.
I am really bad at anything other than cross stitch but hey, I need another hobby XD This was actually originally mine, my parents gave it to me for a Christmas present a while back but as I said, I am really bad at anything other than cross stitch XD

2. Life's a Beach..
This was also originally mine but I didn't know how to do fractional stitches so I traded it for something a while back. But it is now back in my stash and I'm looking forward to its cuteness :P

3. Beauty and the Beast ornaments
The original plan for this one was that my mum and I were going to stitch two each and we were going to work on them together but mum told me I can do them all because she'll never get them done. When these are done they are all going to my mum ^_^

4. Polar Animals First name Canvas
This is for my future niece/nephew who hasn't even been conceived. I am such a slow stitcher though that it'd probably be good to start it asap as they are planning on having a kid. My mum asked me to stitch it for them.

5. Just being bouncy
This was also seemingly originally mine but I don't actually remember it. It looks like it'll be fairly easy because of the small amount of colours.

6. ???
Whatever these are? I don't even know what I'd do with them, but they are something pretty to stitch XD

7. Kauri and Kiwi
This is a bookmark and one of the few kits you can actually buy from the local craft store. It was rather expensive when we got it. I know for a fact it is started because, yet again, it was once mine. My mum had started it and then given up on it so I took it up only to find somewhere there was a mistake and I hated dealing with anything when I was 10 so I gave it back. Knowing my usual "unfixable" mistakes, it'll probably only be 5 stitches that need to be unpicked.

8. Love Everlasting
I don't know anyone getting married but you can never be too prepared :P

9. SPCA Adopt-a-Pet
This was also originally mine but yet again, I had a fear of fractionals. It's cute though.

10. Uhh... This Egyptian?
Yeah, I don't know what it is called. My mum hates linen so she said I could have it. Woo! Stuff! I like it, once I stitch it I'll give the finished product back to her.

 11,12,13. These free magazine kits.
That's all that really can be said about them, ones a flower, ones a boat, and ones a mouse. Yeah. Maybe some quick finishes will help bring back the bug :P

Anyway, thank you for reading this and thank you for still following me even after my 2 month disappearance XD

Have a great day :)


  1. Yikes. I'm so sorry to hear both your parents are so ill. I'm sure it helps your Mom to know you'll be creating lasting heirlooms too. I think the Egyptian one might be Nefertiti?

    1. Yeah, my sister told me that it's Nefertiti after I made the post ^_^ Thanks for commenting ^_^