Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Ballet and a new rotation

Yes I know, I have had so many rotations this year but I'm not changing it much. I'm just going to change the time frame. This time I can stitch how ever long I want on something and the rotation doesn't move until I've stitched on it. This way I can still stitch on something even if I don't have time to one week.

On to stitchy photos

This is The Ballet before:

And now:

I added a lot of pink.

I'll update the rotation thing on the side soon. 


  1. With your limited stitching time this rotation sounds like a better idea and will ensure everything has it's turn at getting some attention. Lovely progress on Ballet as a starter. :)

  2. Good idea to make sure you have time for everything. Nice progress.

  3. G'luck on your rotation! I tend to do poorly when I feel forced to work on something haha.

    That is a lot of pink!