Saturday, 30 April 2016

Only a day late

I was going to post this yesterday but I forgot. At least it is only a day late this time!

Last week I worked on two things. I worked on Shell Duo for a bit, the majority of the time spent on it was highlighting the chart because I hadn't highlighted any of it and I started to get confused XD

Then I couldn't find the Rabbit Letter Holder so I went straight to the 10 card set. I'm on to the 7th one but I don't think I got pictures of some before they were given away.

Any way, the photos:

Shell Duo Before

Shell Duo After

I only did a bit at the top, not very much progress and I'm a bit disappointed but I'll get over it.

Next is the card I'm working on at the moment

It's going to say Welcome to Baby, I don't know anyone who is going to have a baby yet but it is good back up. 

And here are the photos of the cards I have done in that set (Sorry for the pictures turning sideways)
Always Friends, first completed, still not gifted

Thinking of you, Still not gifted

Christmas Wishes, I think this is the one that went to my sister last year

Don't have a finished picture, this is Happy Birthday, it was just flowers and went to one of my old neighbours for her 18th birthday last year

Thank you, Still hasn't been gifted

And the other card not here is another Christmas one and it is a tree and I used it as a card for my Nana last year.

I think I'll continue with the cards for now

Until next time :) 

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