Saturday, 9 April 2016

Finally! Some stitchy photos!

Yes you read right. Don't get too excited because it still isn't very much XD

First is the set of 10 cards:
I have no idea why the picture is sideways :/
I don't know how many of the ten I have done but I'm sure I'm over half way. I started the next card but have some frogging to do.

The next is the new start!

This is a kit my Mum was sent randomly by some people she used to buy kits off. As my Mum no longer is able to stitch, she let me have it ^_^ I love this so far. I stitched for 1 and a half hours on it last night. 


  1. Lovely stitching Aubs. I've got three of these sepia charts on the go but haven't stitched on them for ages. The colours are very calming to use. Enjoy stitching more! :)

  2. Nice work, and very cool kit! Is that a Heritage sepia series kit?

    1. Thanks ^_^ Yep, this one is 'On the Beat'