Friday, 15 January 2016

2 Finishes and Some Decent Progress

I finished another book (Yay) and started the next in the series (as you can see on the side). I'm a little disappointed with my lack of reading but I'm still 2 books ahead of schedule so that's good I suppose XD

This weeks stitching:

Sunday: I made a new start! Castle Ridge by Teresa Wentzler. I didn't make much progress because I had to frog some of it due to colour mix-up. Sorry for the useless photo, I had to use my useless phone camera instead of my Mums slightly better phone camera XD

Monday: I stitched on both Try to be the person your dog thinks you are and Anime Girl.
Try to be the person... 

After, it's FINISHED :D

Anime Girl

After (Officially past halfway)

Tuesday: I stitched on the sewing box again, another thing finished as well :D Sorry for the many pictures, it is difficult to take pictures of a 3D object. Sorry for my thumb photobombing all of them too XD
Last of the squares stitched 
Sides 1 and 2

Sides 3 and 4

Lid of box

Wednesday: I stitched on The Ballet, I wanted to stitch on Indian Dresses but I lost my bigger frame and couldn't hold it comfortably.


I got no stitching on Thursday

Friday: I got some stitching done on the Orchid

I haven't done any stitching today either, I was going to but then I made dinner instead and I was so sore afterwards that I couldn't be bothered hunting something down to stitch on.

Have a good stitching week :)


  1. Great progress for the week on such a variety of projects. Your rotation is obviously working (so far!) :)

    1. Thanks :) I hope it continues working ^_^ I might have to change it up a bit when school starts again XD

  2. Nice progress on everything and congrats on finishing off the cube and the Dog saying. Love that one!

  3. Great progress, a lovely post.