Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 Goals and January Goals

Hello :D I am in a fairly good mood at the moment despite being incredibly sun burnt. The new year has made me particularly ambitious as well, giving me a rather long list of goals for January. I won't list them all but here are some:

1. Read 10 Books- I want to read all the books I own which is around 117 with more planned purchases.
2. Read 10 Wattpad Books- There are 132 completed books in my current Wattpad library and I want to read them all this year as well.
3. Read 10 Blogs- Before I follow anyone, I read the entire blog from the beginning and that has left me with over 115 blogs book marked (way more but I only left 4 pages to write down the list so the rest couldn't fit)
4. Start a cross stitch rotation- Maybe I'll make more progress this year XD
5. Finish Math Homework- I was given an entrance assignment for Level 2 Math but it is so easy it is boring and I leave it after a few minutes.
6. Watch Season 6 of Doctor Who- I know I am behind. I had to start watching it again because my family wanted to watch it too.
7. Finish Watching Avatar: The Last Airbender- My Dad really likes that show and we are currently half way through the last season before we start watching The Legend of Korra.
8. Finish Season 3 of Glee- I watch this with my Mum
9. Finish Season 2 of Cake Boss- I also watch this with my Mum
10. Finish Season 1 of American Idol- I started watching this with my parents but they got bored and I can't stand leaving something half way through
11. Finish Season 1 of Supernatural- I'm watching this with my Dad and my sister, they are trying to prove to me that I can handle horror. So far it's working.

And the rest I can't be bothered typing XD

As for my 2016 cross stitch goals (The pictures are going to be according to my last picture on my laptop because I can't be bothered with taking new photos)

1. Anime Girl

I want to finish this. It is so simple and it should be a quick stitch so I think I should be able to finish it. If not I'll settle for half way. (Goal: finish)

2. Try to Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

I would like to finish this. I know I am actually further along with this one, I think I have another word done. (Goal: finish)

3. Shell Duo

My goal is to finish one of the two, so I suppose 50% if you count them together. I got so bored with this one just because it is hard to remember where I'm at because I didn't highlight. (Goal: finish 1 out of 2)

4. Dresses

My goal is to finish one dress which is about a quarter (Goal: 1 dress)

5. Cat with Fishbowl (and the other two in the series that haven't been started)

I would like to finish this one. I stopped originally because the backstitch is the same colour as the cat itself meaning it was so hard to work with. I would like to finish it though and then maybe finish the second one in its series (Goal: Finish 2 of these cats)

6. Cards 

No point adding pictures as there are 10 in the set and I have finished 5 (some are unavailable as they were given away). I would like to finish all of them though. (Goal: Finish)

7. Ballerina Shoes

I want to get at least half way through this (Goal: Finish)

8. Christmas Village Ornaments

I've actually only got the backstitch left on the one in the picture. I just keep forgetting to take pictures. My goal is to finish all 6 of them (Goal: Finish)

9. Needlework Box

This was a freebie from a 1998 cross stitch magazine which is older than me and it STILL isn't done. I dug this out of my Mums stash years ago and started it and for some reason I haven't finished it. I think it has something to do with things I don't know how to do. (Goal: Finish)

10. Rabbit

I need to finish this. There is only a little bit left (The butterfly, the grass at the bottom, and a bit of backstitch) and it is taking forever. (Goal: Finish)

And those are my stitching goals. Of course I'm probably going to not going to stick to them and work on different WIP but I can wish.

I also want to start a rotation. I'm thinking

Mondays: Anime Girl, Try to be the person your dog thinks you are, or Shells
Tuesday: Small projects/ornaments
Wednesday: Indian Dresses, Garden Shed, Flower Fan, or Ballerina Shoes
Thursday: Projects that are nearly finished (Cat with Fishbowl, Rabbit)
Friday: Orchid, Thanksgiving Bow, or Cottage
Saturday: Princess Aurora (probably not because I hate it), Hand Bags, or any other thing that needs frogging. Also blog post day.
Sunday: Whatever I feel like day.

Well that's it for today as this post is rather long.

Until next week :)


  1. Great range of projects you've got - I wish you all the best of luck with your rotation, I am always jealous of the people that can make them work. Happy 2016!

    1. Thanks :) I hope I can make it work. I'm not counting today though because as soon as I made the rotation I didn't feel like frogging and stuck to something else XD
      Happy 2016 to you too :)

  2. Wow! You have a lot of reading, watching and stitching goals for the year so good luck with them all! I'll be cheering you along when I can. :)

  3. You have some lofty goals, but definitely do-able. Good luck with everything and lovely stitching!

  4. Hi!

    I just came here from your comment on You, Me, and a Cup of Tea. :-)

    I just wanted to know, how are you watching season 1 of American Idol?? Do you guys in NZ have some neat way to watch past seasons?!


    1. I just google past episodes XD
      Thanks for the comment :)