Sunday, 15 May 2016

Yet again, Missed the Saturday

I should give up trying to post on Saturdays. I never post on time. Maybe I should just go with once a week XD

This week was eh. I only worked on those cards in the set I have, I just really feel the motivation to work on them XD

I finished one:

And then I started the next one but can't be bothered getting a picture. 

This week has been busy, I've been learning my lines for Macbeth still. Having so much trouble because the people I'm in a group with are useless. One keeps happily telling me that my family has just been killed, and the other keeps setting me up. 
The one that doesn't like me got me in trouble with the teacher, she cancelled rehearsal because she had stuff to do, I told the teacher that we couldn't rehearse because she had stuff to do and I thought that was is. Until the teacher got upset that I didn't turn up for rehearsal because seemingly we had all agreed to rehearse again, the only one that knew this was this other girl.
Bad luck for her because I'm currently sick and won't be at school until probably the day of the performance. Fortunately I know my lines, my use of space, and I'm not bad at paperwork like her ^_^ Karmas a b**** isn't it? 

Anyway, enough of that. 
It's my sisters birthday today and I can't see her until tomorrow and I spent literally all day making her card:

The drawing is pretty useless because I was so done after the stitching. I can't remember where I got the design from, it's just one of those patterns that's been in my files on my computer for a while. I sort of like how the stitching came out, I had to go with the few colours in my stash (I only have around 20) so the only correct threads are the black and the white. 

I don't know when I will get to stitch again (busy week ahead with assessments and stuff) 

Have a good stitching week :)

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Another week without stitching

I have been so busy with homework and school that I haven't had time to stitch T_T Why must school do this to me?

I have still been reading blog posts though ^_^

Yesterday I got to meet one of my relatives for the first time, she's my Great Uncles Grand-Daughter. She's part of the Irish side of my family.

I want to try to stitch once I get through all of my homework XD