Monday, 7 November 2016

Update 8/11/16

Hey guys, I keep forgetting to post, sorry about that. I won't be surprised if I don't post again for the rest of the year. Life has been so hectic this year and I don't really get much time for myself anymore, I'm just dragging myself through the remainder of the year.

I have my first exam of this year on the 17th and my last exam of the year on the 2nd of December. I've been studying like mad, I calculated how many pages I'd have to do a day to get full use out of my revision books and it's 18 pages a day. Only for Biology.

I have been reading to reduce my stress levels, I've been aiming for 100 pages a day. I am 500 pages behind that goal however so I don't know if I'll catch up in time to be able to complete my 50 Book Challenge. That's rather unfortunate, I'm still gonna try though.

I do have a cross stitch project that is yet to be started, I need to start it but I can't yet because when I'm stressed or pressured my stitches look terrible and I make more mistakes and I want it to be perfect. I am making a birth sampler for my brother and sister-in-law for their baby which is due in May next year :D I'm gonna be an auntie!!!!! I am excited, this is the first project I'm gonna do that isn't a small and has an actual purpose!!!

Have a great remainder of the year and I'll try to post again if things get better ^_^