Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Happy Belated New Year!!

Hey! Long time no post haha, I thought it's time to make an update as my new and improved productive self.

This is my final year at high school and this year I plan to not procrastinate and actually get stuff done.

So here are my goals for this year, I'm planning to stick to these and anything else will be a bonus.

2017 Goals:
-Finish Just Being Bouncy before my brother and sister in law come back to New Zealand.
-Finish Birth Sampler before my brother and sister in law come back to New Zealand.
-Learn to knit.
These three are because my nephew is due to be born in May and I need to get stitching for them before they move back. I need to learn to knit again, I knew how to when I was around 6 but I picked up 52 stitches somehow then and everything I knew has disappeared.
-Read 50 Books. Maybe one day I will actually achieve this goal. I have read 13 Reasons Why and I've started the Hobbit. I have a book jar where I pull out a piece of paper and it chooses the books for me.
-Pass Level 2 and Level 3. I find out if I passed Level 2 on the 17th so I'm crossing my fingers I will have passed, and I won't find out Level 3 until next year but as long as I study well and complete my assignments I should have a good idea if I have passed before then.

So those are my goals. Very simple. Should be achievable (hopefully)
I have some bonus goals which are:
-Get my learners license
-Finish Anime Girl
-Finish Rabbit Letter Holder
-Finish the card set
-Finish The Ballet
-Finish Shell Duo
-Audition for Grease at the theater

So. Here are some pictures

Ignore the mess but here is my draws of stash. Yes that is my stash in entirety. My parents won't let me buy more until I finish some of the others. This is in the living room too, I'm hoping to fix up my room so that I can stitch at my desk. 

And here is Just Being Bouncy. I am making this for my unborn Nephew :D 
How it will look when finished.

How it was when I picked it up last night.

Where I ended last night after watching Star Wars: A New Hope

And how far I got today before my needle broke. I am gonna do some more when I watch a movie with my parents tonight and find a new needle.

So thanks for reading and I hope that this year will be more productive!!


  1. Those sound like achievable goals and nice work on Tigger! I picked up knitting after 10 years away and it took a bit, but eventually I got back into it. Good luck!

  2. As I've followed you since day one I've seen most of your plans and goals go haywire! This year I think you've chosen some very sensible plans and bonuses. Good luck with all of them, but especially your school assignments. :)