Saturday, 1 November 2014

Apology and some Fandom merchandise

So I know I didn't post that thing like promised. My cellphone wouldn't let me view the photos because 'There is not enough memory' -_-

Anyway, I had to delete all of them. I will try and get them again now that my phone isn't being a ....

I have also brought the cottons and started stitching the next Pokemon for my sister, the next Pokemon is Liligant.

Another thing I'll add is, I went to Armageddon Expo a couple of weeks ago.
It was super expensive and they sold out of Photo tokens to see Jenna Coleman before I could buy them.

Any way, to add some photos to this post, this is some stuff I brought.

$10 TARDIS Notebook

$15 TARDIS necklace

Harry Potter chocolate frogs, I ate the frogs but these are the cards I got. They were $3 each

Other side of the cards

This awesome $10 Pikachu necklace

This $45 Doctor Who t-shirt 

This Golden snitch necklace that I paid $10 for (Originally $20) but I was actually buying the $12 BRACELET but I was given this instead (I got the bracelet later, no picture of it though)

$10 Pikachu plushy <3

And this $15 Deathly Hallows necklace, I got an eye of Sauron one as well that also cost $15 but I don't have a picture of that as well.

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