Wednesday, 31 December 2014


So it's after midday on New Years Day for me and I haven't done anything productive. I spent the first few moments walking into a door and then getting drooled on by my dog Lupin.

I signed up for the Turtle Trot (Which you can find out about here)
After struggling a little bit to find projects to use, I finally managed to gather up 10 of them.

1. I don't know much about this, only that my Mum brought the kit from The Warehouse when they still cared about cross stitching and then she gave it to me to complete. It is nearly finished, I just have to complete all of the green, some flowers, and then the backstitch. I think it is pretty sad to say that as soon as this is finished it would be my biggest cross stitch finish...

2. This will be a new start. My Mum wanted me to stitch it for one of her friends in America because she wasn't able to do it her self and after 5 years I think it is a good time to start it...

3. This will also be a new start, I'm not sure which one I'll do yet, I think there is only enough supplies in the kit to do one. I brought this for $5 off Trade Me and want to do it for my Nana

4. This was started by my Mum, it was originally intended for my Uncle in America but my Mum said when I finish it I can do what I want with it. I will probably either give it to my Uncle or my Nana.

5. I got bored with this one at the beginning of last year and I thought I should finish it, I want to make it for my Mum. 

6. This was also started by my Mum, she brought it because she liked the butterfly bag on it, stitched the butterfly and then got bored. When she was looking through her old stuff last year she found it and gave it to me. This has quite a lot of beads on it though. 

7. This was the first kit I brought for myself. It is just stitched in black (I apologise, the picture rotated upside down and I can't seem to fix it) and I am nearly half way through. 

8. This is my first attempt at printed canvas. I am not to sure how well I'll do one this one this year, I started running out of projects and had to use something. 

9. This is probably my oldest project, I started when I was either 5 or 7 (8 or 10 years ago) and I still stitch on it. I got put off stitching it for a bit because my old stitches were absolutely shocking, two stitches are different directions from where my Mum started it for me and I turned it the wrong way, the whole of the skin is too tight on the fabric. I just don't want to restart it XD
10. And finally this weird Orchard that I think is an orchard but I don't know because the instructions and details are written in a different language. 

I also pulled out of the WIPocolypse because I decided I am okay with one stitch-a-long.
Any way, with this being the longest post I have probably ever made, I will leave now :)

Bye and have a happy New Year!!!!


  1. Hello!

    You have chosen a lovely range of projects there!
    Happy New Year x

  2. Hi Aubry!

    Thanks for checking out my blog :) Your blog is lovely. You have a new follower. I love all of these projects. I especially like the teapot one. Very pretty :)

    Happy New Year!

    Lauren x