Wednesday, 27 May 2015

I'm still here! (Long Post)

Hey, I haven't updated for a while! I usually post for the Turtle Trot but I forgot, I think. 
Anyway a lot has happened since last post, or at least for me!

First, I have removed Princess Aurora off my Turtle Trot list because the dirt and untidy stitching and mistakes from my childhood frankly scares me and I don't want to go near it. I am replacing it with the Pokemon that the lovely lady from Dork Stitch designed by my request. I have two and a half left before it's finished. 

Next, I decided to start buying cross stitch magazines which is new to me because apart from the mentioned Pokemon I usually stick to kits so I probably won't stitch anything from them. I have two so far ^_^

Anyway, here is some pictures of this weeks stitching (Sorry for the bad photos):

This cute little guy was designed by Margaret Sherry and I stitched it with all the stuff that came with the free kit that came with an issue of The World of Cross Stitching. 

This was another free kit from a The World of Cross Stitching issue. I finished all the stitching, just need to make it into an ornament now, which I don't know how to do I might add. 

This is a card from this kit my Mum bought me, the kit has all the materials and patterns for 10 cards. I started with this one which will say 'Always Friends' under the two butterflies. 

This one I got bored of because of all the greens, I dug this out of my Mums stash. It will be a rose and some rosebuds at the end.

I've also stitched on 'Shell Duo' by Bucilla and I think it's called 'Garden Shed' by Mill Hill but I didn't manage to get pictures of them.

The rest of this post isn't stitching related so you don't need to read on if you aren't interested.

I've had a really bad month to be honest. I've been ill twice which is extremely unfortunate for me and my schooling. My best friend of two and a half years decided she didn't want to be friends with me anymore because she felt like I was making her choose between me and her other friends, which is really weird considering the fact I was friends with most of her friends. This triggered my depression again which I was managing really well until that point and it resulted in a breakdown at school and I unfortunately trusted this in the wrong person. I said to someone that "I hate how she triggered my depression, I hate how she makes me want to kill myself" and she started telling people that I wanted to kill my ex-friend and she got this other person who over heard the conversation to side with her by telling that person that she misheard. So now heaps of people think I'm a psychopath. 
*Rant over*

I've also been reading heaps :D I read 'Whale Rider' for school, I reread the first three and a half Harry Potter books, I've reread one and a half 'Fallen' books, and I've read half of 'The Goblin Wood'
All are great books in my opinion ^_^ 

I have my first proper drama performance next week as well ^_^ It's around 30-40 minutes, we're performing 'Basette' by James Graham, I'm playing this girl named Aimee. 
It's about a Year 11 class that get locked inside a classroom after upsetting their relief teacher and start arguing with each other until this one guy has a breakdown and threatens us with a baseball bat, makes us kneel with our hands behind our back and pretty much makes us re-enact when some Americans torture other people with bags over their heads and stuff like that. It's extremely intense and scary but I'm excited ^_^

Any way, I should probably go before I bore you all XD

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  1. Wow, that has been a big month. I'm sorry to hear about the issues with your friend and the fall-out, that is so frustrating. Your stitching looks great and how awesome that you got your patterns from Dork Stitch! She makes the best sprites.