Wednesday, 24 June 2015

June Update :)

Hello :)

I decided that I wasn't getting anywhere with my current Turtle Trot list so I made a new one. Warning, these are not official names, I just can't be bothered pulling out the name sheets again.

1. Shells Duo (This was still on previous list)
2. Flower Fan (This is my first thing on Linen)
3. Clown thing (This is on printed canvas)
4. Cat series (Currently working on Cat with Fishbowl)
5. Pokemon (4/6 done)
6. Indian Dresses (This is my Mums)
7. Be the Person your Dog thinks you are. (Cream on black, pretty boring, my sister wants it though)
8. Card set + Flower fairy (I got a kit for 10 cards and also I wanted to finish the flower fairy)
9. Mill Hill Flower Stall (Started but I lost my beading needle for a bit and haven't touched it since)
10. Giant Landscape (On printed canvas it's really big)

Now progress for this month

Flower Fan thing

I started this one this morning and but didn't do much. This is the first thing I've done on linen. This is on my new turtle trot list.

How it will look

Indian Dresses

This was started by my Mum and I haven't put very many stitches on it, only a few black stitches on the beginning of that dress. The wrong dress was started though so I'm going to have to switch the two in the center. This is on my Turtle Trot list because my Mum asked me to finish it for her.
How it will look

As of now


I'm stitching these for my sister, there are 6 of them all up. I finished Vespiquen (The giant bee) this month. I still have Lopunny and Lucario to stitch. This is also on my Turtle Trot List, I hope to finish it before Christmas.
From left: Gardevoir, Gothitelle, Lilligant, Vespiquen
Shell Duo

I'm not sure if this was from this month, but I made some good progress on Shell Duo! I really like this one and that is why this is ALSO on my Turtle Trot List.

Kiwi Book mark

This isn't on my Turtle Trot list but I like it :) It is one of the few NZ made cross stitches. For some reason it is sideways.

Stitched stuff

How it will look
Card Set + Flower Fairy

When I finish all 11 I will count it as one project. There are 10 in the set + a flower fairy that I started years ago. I have finished 1 of them, 'Always Friends' and I have made a start on another. The Flower Fairy has been a WIP for ages because 7 year old me thought I made an unfixable mistake. This mistake was 6 stitches hanging on the edge of the design that were one stitch off....Any way this is on the Turtle Trot List.

Always Friend- Finished (Why did it turn?)

2nd Card, I think this is 'Thinking of you' 

Flower Fairy 'Marigold'
Cat Series

This is 1 out of 3. I haven't started the other two, this one still requires a lot of backstitch, the border, and the fishbowl. I really enjoyed stitching this until I got to the backstitch which is HORRIFYING. These are on my Turtle Trot List because I'm not allowed to buy any more until I finish something and I've nearly finished the one below but I think it is too nearly finished to include it in the TT by itself. 
Cat with Fishbowl

Clown Thing

I can't remember how to spell the actual name haha. This is on printed canvas and I think it is cute, I want to make it for my Mum who loves them so it is also on the TT list.
How it will look

How it is now

I also completed a couple of cards:

Mothers Day Card - freebie from Cross Stitch Collection Issue 37

Another Mothers Day Card- Freebie from World of Cross Stitching issue 227

 If you made it here, thank you for reading :) Until next month (or sooner) ^_^


  1. Wow, lots of great stitching! Keep up the good work:)

  2. Wow! Lots of interesting projects. I hope you can meet all of your goals!

  3. So late catching up on blogs. @_@

    You have a huge variety of projects going on! The Native dresses one is quite lovely as is the Chinese plate. :D