Monday, 9 November 2015

November Turtle Trot

This is a disappointing post. I have stitched on NOTHING for an entire month. There is a good reason for this though so it's not just me being lazy :P
I have been studying for my exams, this is my first year of proper exams ^_^ Unfortunately yesterday was my first exam (math) and I somehow managed to get sick on the day of my exam meaning I couldn't concentrate and had to leave early without finishing it. I am still sick and I had science today I think I did okay with that. I have until next Monday until my next exam though so hopefully I can get in some stitching ^_^

Hope everyone else had a better cross stitching month than I did XD


  1. Yikes.. I hope you feel better soon and your maths result isn't too bad.

  2. You're excused for not stitching this month, having been studying. Sorry to hear our exams did not go too well because you were ill. How awful. I hope you get some kind of recognition for it in your marks. :)