Friday, 25 April 2014

Is this how I add photos?

I wanted to test to see if adding pictures would work because I am quite new to this. 

I thought I would start with my amazing pets.

 This is my Dog Lupin. He is 7 months old and is very big!
His mother is a Bulldog crossed with a WolfHound and his father is a Ridgeback crossed with a Greyhound.
He is a happy puppy and very playful. 

This is my cat Pearl. She is so cute and cuddly, she doesn't come to the house as much as she used to because Lupin scared her away. 

We also own thirteen chickens. They are very friendly, strangers can walk up and pick them up quite easily. I don't have pictures of them though. There is Zelda, Henny Penny, Sunday, Blacky, Hoody, Cleopatra, Raven, Bubbles, Chuckles, and four younger ones that we named but they look so alike we can't tell the difference. 

And that is pretty much it! Apart from the dogs we don't have anymore 

Zack-He passed away years ago :(

 And Lucky-We had to give her away years ago also.

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